Goods handling

BTS stores your goods, and when an order is placed, everything is sorted and prepared according to your instructions.


In addition to triage of the goods, BTS offers repackaging and labelling. In times when confidentiality is important, your customers cannot in this way obtain the supplier’s data.

Loading of containers

Years of experience have vested BTS with the necessary knowledge and experience to handle various types of goods, including oversized and project cargo.

Containers are loaded as per the applicable lashing and securing regulations, product specifications, container load capacity, and restrictions imposed by the local authorities at destination.

BTS ensures that the cargo cannot shift or move, so that it can arrive in perfect condition at the destination. We have acquired the necessary expertise over the years regarding lashing and securing various types of cargo, such as cars, machinery, stainless steel (coils, plates, wire), taking into account attachment points and the cargo’s centre of gravity.

BTS supplies all lashing materials such as straps, dunnage, and the like.

BTS also handles all your Ro-Ro, oversized, or project cargo. For example, a towing tractor on a 20ft MAFI trailer.


BTS can assist you in organising distribution throughout Europe with the help of our reliable partners.

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